The problem: pain

What causes pain? To put it simply: pain is often caused by 'tight' muscles, which cannot function efficiently - causing trapped nerves, restricted circulation, inflammation and restricted mobility.

Athlete with knee injury Neck pain

The solution: soft-tissue manipulation

This system of treatment was developed by Dr Craig Benedict, one of the world's leading soft-tissue therapists. He has spent more than 25 years working with the world's best athletes and dancers to develop a treatment procedure that's simple and safe - and as effective on non-athletes as it is on athletes.

Other physical therapies such as osteopathy or chiropractic concentrate on the skeletal structure, but Dr Benedict's system of treatment focuses on the soft tissue such as muscles, ligaments and tendons, which make up 75 per cent of your body's mass.

Each treatment session begins with an evaluation of your soft tissue - the muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage and their surrounding connective tissue (fascia) - then we will assess your range of movement and pain levels. Our unique combination of trigger-point work and soft-tissue-mobilisation techniques lengthen and separate these muscles and tendons, as well as stretch the connective tissue. This procedure, combined with postural realignment techniques improves your range of movement and reduces pain. We will then work with you to develop a self-help programme of stretching routines, exercises and postural advice so you can work on your own.

Our goal

To provide the treatment and education that enables you to perform at world-class level on the sports field, at home, or at the office.

Our Track Record

Rod Dunn has an excellent track record of eliminating pain and increasing patients' range of movement in many symptomatic and stress-related conditions including headaches and migrane; whiplash; frozen shoulder; neck, back and hip pain or stiffness; sciatica; arthritis; tennis, javelin and golfer's elbow; shin splints; patellar and Achilles tendinitis; plantar fasciitis; post-surgery and fracture scar-tissue; strain and sprains; sports injuries.

Rod Dunn working

Rod has successfully treated a wide variety of people, old and young, from gold medallists to club and school athletes in a wide variety of sports; from the fittest champions to couch potatoes. Our patients have included artists, musicians, dancers, bus drivers, electricians, teachers and pensioners - in fact, anyone who has a pain.

Telephone: 07958 943 183 and 01733 321 185 (Soft Tissue Manipulation for Sports Injuries and Back Pain with Rod Dunn)

What to expect

We have clinics in Cambridge and Peterborough. Appointments last half an hour: we'll start by evaluating the problem and end by suggesting some self-help techniques. Unlike other forms of treatment, soft tissue manipulation can be performed just as easily and effectively through light clothing as on bare skin - whichever you're more comfortable with. We are happy to co-ordinate your treatment with your GP, specialist, employer, family or coach.


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